Monday, August 31, 2009

I Can't Ge Enough Of: "Fixed On You by VMusic"

Love, love, love this disc.

Go here to see and hear more of this awesome music.


For ages my godniece has been bugging me to create a blog. My answer has usually been some version of "no", "why", or "I have nothing to blog about". Then I thought about it and realized, I love to find neat stuff online and share it with my friends. Sometimes i get so excited I forget and end up having someone tell me how many times I have already told them about something.

So now here I am. This blog will be my place to post the links, videos, songs, and other stuff that I stumble upon and just have to share. Some days I may post multiple finds, and some days I may come up dry and have nothing worth passing along.

Either way, there should always be something new to try, listen to, see, or play with. And if you find something that you think I just have to see, send it to me. Who knows it might just end up here.

So welcome to the ride, keep your arms in and have fun.