Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Got Questions? Aardvark has the answers.

Aardvark is an online service that allows you to ask question via IM and Email.
Questions are then forwarded to members who are online who may have knowledge of the subject you are asking about. They can then choose to answer. Usually in around 5 minutes or so you will receive 1 or more answers.

All messages are sent through the Aardvark service so no personal contact information is exchanged. When you join you create a network of friends you trust who get priority when you ask questions.

I've been using the service a couple weeks and have gotten a lot of help. The answers I have gotten have been very informative and accurate. Unlike a lot of other question sites the goal is to get good, accurate information in a timely fashion and not just accrue points or credits for the number of answers given. So no more answers consisting of messages such as "I don't know" just to get credit.

If you use the link above you will be added to my network. If you want to join without being added just go here.
Hope you find the site is useful as I have.

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