Wednesday, May 12, 2010

caveat emptor

"Caveat Emptor" let the buyer beware.

Well it had to happen.  Everyone has a bad auction experience.  So far mine have all been wonderful, until this week.  I bid on something, won it, got it and it was a piece of junk.  Now this would be the end of the story, but the person advertized the item as new and unopened.  Well it was opened, used and pretty much empty.  So going against my tendency to avoid confrontation, I filed a request to lodge a complaint and get a refund.  The other person has 5 days to respond or the refund becomes automatic.

The upside?  It was a listia auction and so no money was involved.  That and I can honestly say I have never had anything but the best experience with ebay.

Will I stop using auction sites? Nah, but I am pickier.  That and on ebay I stick to buy it now as much as possible.

So all in all, a bad but not horrible experience.  I'll live.  And when I get my refund, I will go find something else to bid on.


Stay tuned......

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