Friday, May 21, 2010

My new glasses - almost

Today I went to LensCrafters in Athens to have an eye exam and get new glasses. I was a bit nervous and very excited.  I'm always excited to get new glasses and always nervous that this will be the year they tell me they just can't make anything that strong.

So, I set out and had my exam.  The doctor found a few things we could tweak to get me a better set up.  First my old glasses were designed for distance vision.  Most of the activities I enjoy are up close, so the glasses were not what I needed.  So my new glasses will give me better close up an short range vision that the old ones.

And since I can be hard on glasses they are going to use a few new tricks to make my new ones less breakable.

So while it will be a couple weeks before I get my new glasses, I already picked out my new frames.  And here they are.

You know, it is funny, but my mom always said that with out my glasses my eyes were kind of creepy and dead.  Looking through glasses that have sample lenses and not my correct strength does make my eyes look a bit demented and dead.  Creepy, huh?

Oh well, once I get my new lenses and frames, I will be my old jolly self.


Stay tuned.......

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